Thursday, 28 April 2016


Bradez, a music duo made of Flowking Stone and Kunta Kinte went off the music scene for a while due to the unfortunate stroke ailment the latter got some years ago. Kunta Kinte after going through treatment decided to break his silence with a single titled “Resurrection of Kunta Kinte”, which features Emmerɛ. The single reveals information about his sickness, debunks various rumours that were spread about him concerning the stroke, and more.

Video of the song has been shot. The video has appearances of his brother and half of the Bradez duo, Flowking Stone. Also, it displays Kunta with gloves on in a boxing training gym/center. What more can we expect from the video? Stay glued to LoudSoundGH and watch out for this space, because personally I can’t wait to watch the full video.

Here we present to you exclusive captured shots/images in anticipation for the release of the official video. 

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