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Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) 2017 is here once more. The usual complaints, goofs and ‘lashing’ on social media & other media by the public have become an annual thing whenever the nomination list is released.
Personally, I commend the VGMA board for being able to come up with a satisfactory list all the time. Their work isn’t that easy, because we lack metrics & solid charts. Also they’ve heeded to suggestion/advice from concerned personalities and bodies, including me; thus publicizing the definitions of the various categories.


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After marking his name with permanent ink and widening his fan base with the exceptional song “Human Being”, Offei is here to serve the world with the missing ingredient for parties and ‘link-op’ sessions this Christmas. “Body Whine” is the perfect song to evolve the excitement within you to the extremes. The vocalist lays smooth yet groovy lyrics on a mid-tempo incomparable Afropop instrumental produced by the genius, Wood. The elements involved in the instrumentation form the absolute recipe for a heated dance floor. MC Kojo Manuel put in some energy with his invigorating intro and outro. Now, let the jams officially begin with “Body Whine.”



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There are a lot of songs… songs which fit the Shuffle playlist, and songs which stand the test of time. It is evident that Offei’s “Let It Go” has imprints on immortality spreading all over it. The anticipation that laid the carpet for this release isn’t a wasteful chant. When GroundUp dropped the live session of this magical piece, the cyber streets went wild, begging to quench their musical thirst. No surprise #LetItGo trended for 2 days straight and landed publications in Graphic Showbiz and Ghana Today.


P. Yaw Cue! Does this name ring a bell? Yes, he’s the rapper who had a lot to tell with his exceptional rap skills and diversity back in 2011/2012. He’s the musician who collaborated with Lousika, Ko-Jo Cue, Cabum, Deon Boakye, Kankam, and Loonee, just to mention a few. He’s the artiste who performed on huge stages with top-notch performers. After putting his music career on hold for almost 5 years, he bounces back reenergized! He has rebranded himself to Wofa Yaw and is even set to release a banger and thought-provoking track titled "Dem Dey Talk" which features the renowned & controversial musician Wanlov the Kubolor.

During the 5 years of no music, Wofa Yaw was pursuing a B. Sc. in Public Health and also dealing with some issues concerning his personal life, plus his work as a professional nurse. Wofa Yaw is a proud representative of the garden city, Kumasi (Oseikrom) in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Before Hip-Hop fans in Ghana could even decipher bars, Wofa Yaw was exhibiting lyrical prowess with substance and literary devices. Hence he's regarded as one of the pioneers of poetic flows in the region. He gained prominence rapping in the languages English, Twi, and Pidgin English. With his artistic ability, he has readied a body of work, “Chequered Life”, with 6 dope songs. 

Each track tells a real life story, from love to hatred, rough and smooth, ups and downs including a near death incident on 3rd June 2015… he goes the length to tell it all in his music. "Life hasn't been all that easy for me but I smile each time I look up knowing God got me. Chequered Life is a true story and I want my fans to relate to me as a realist and not a front. I got nothing to hide. Let's synchronize as you listen to each one of the songs on my EP which features a few rappers I personally love, thus, Wanlov , Blurr, and Kankam”, says Wofa Yaw. Wofa Yaw is clearly here to stay and make it bigger! Let’s gear up for the upcoming project.


Fast-rising rap act who hails from the garden city of Kumasi, Blurr, has been in the news for recently for signing a 3-year deal with a label called Illeventy7 Music Label. Related to that, a lot of conspiracies have been raised by people, both fans and industry insiders, that Illeventy7 is an epitome of what Illuminati (a secret cult group as known by many) represents.

The issues that are being raised by concerned persons actually hold water, thus, pertaining to the logo of the label which is a combination of symbols. Taking a close look at the logo designed by creative artist B. N. Afranie AKA ItzMeOclock, it has a pyramid in it. Conspiracies indicate that the pyramid represents the command structure of the Illuminati organization, with the capstone symbolizing the Elite.

There’s an alien head in the concentric layers… and aliens are known to be associated with the Illuminati. A staff pierces through the back of the symbols, and it’s being linked to the leadership of the secret society. Others say there are a lot of dark messages embedded in the artwork, which will need explanations from Blurr, the designer, or anyone involved.

Regardless, it is boldly stated in the Holy Bible, in Matthew 7:16 that “By their fruits, ye shall know them”. As my old man would say, since we’re yet to hear the kind of music they’re about to churn, let’s give them that space, then one can rightly know where they’re coming from and their agenda.

As at now, neither Blurr nor his management has given any response to these conspiracies. However, Blurr is set to drop his first song titled “Bumper” under the label on …. Let’s keep our ears on the streets for the debut single.


For the average person, the only time one hears the word ‘budget’ is in the news when the government is about to air its annual national budget. In their eyes, it’s a big deal when they have to make their own budgets, considering the complexity figures and percentages may present. Maintain your pulse, and throw away the analgesics, Top Weddings Africa is here to break every piece down to enable you be the ‘Financial Minister of Bridal Affairs’.

Budget is simply an estimate of income and expenditure for your dream wedding. Before putting pen on paper, or inputting a key into your Excel canvas, have an idea about the class and type of wedding you want to have. Coming from the garden city of Ghana, I prefer lavish ceremonies, others like to keep it simple. Would you want to have a huge traditional wedding, or a small set-up? Do you want to keep it indoor, on a healthy-looking garden, or in a state of the art conference building? This informs how many people you invite. It depends on your preference and what you can afford.

After you’ve been able to decide, see this as a monetary affair. So who’s suiting the bill? Your fiancé/fiancée? Your parents, or in-laws? Communication holds the magic wand here. Talking to everyone involved to buy into your vision of your dream wedding is key. Do a simple calculation on how much each is contributing to see the way forward.

Photo credit: Kwabena Awuku 
The cheat code to making your budget is knowing what you need. A basic breakdown of it involves reception, photography, videography, décor and design, venue, food, attire, music and entertainment, MC, floral arrangement, attire, stationery, wedding rings, the ceremony, transportation, gifts and miscellaneous.

Research isn’t only what you do during the completing stages of grabbing your degree, but finding the best deals in making your budget. Doing a quick check online on your needs will give you a fair idea on the arithmetic mean of it all. Probe from experienced people and friends. Set limits for your maximum expenditure on all necessities mentioned above. Know your priorities… which sections you can cut down cost, and others you can splurge on and do the Birdman hand rub.

The key is efficiency. Some valuables are costly but not nice, others are comparatively affordable but still classy and quality. Planning your budget is fluidity. Don’t stick to the books you wrote yourself. Be open to ideas from professionals. Have fun with it, and don’t forget you’re doing it all for the love of your partner.


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Born in the 90s, weddings I saw during my childhood are quite different from what we see these days. Weddings of today seem to be a great task, and if you’re caught up in the heat of the moment, you may be a habitual procrastinator. I mean, living under the clouds of social media, one would have to create a hashtag, and even provide phone-charging stations at your wedding… and that’s the least of your headaches. But hey, wear a big smile. Top Weddings Africa has got you!

What would we define as the ideal wedding?  A wedding which is well planned and executed to meet your classical desire. As others fancy huge flowers, expensive gowns and drone photography, some people prefer keeping it simple. The choice is yours. The point is to make it enjoyable, and serve memories.

The youth have started catching a new craze; investing a lot into wedding photoshoot. Everyone wants to outdo the gallery he/she glimpsed recently, reason why Aero Shutter always has weekend duties. The average active young man or woman is currently attracted to what he/she sees or watches more than what he/she reads as a text message, poster or invitation card. They’d probably want to be mesmerized by how you twin outfits with your partner, the relief features in the background, or how ‘hippy’ the next couple is. Hence, pre-wedding photoshoot has become a necessity.

It comes with selecting the right clothing, choosing the best sights, hooking with the finest make-up artist, employing an expert photographer to visualize the best of you through his lens, and probably putting up your best of moods.

Not to do away with the traditional invitation cards, which has become a battle of innovation and creativity now. I clearly recall the first time I got mind blown about such cards was when it had the design of the WhatsApp theme. It was so accurate! Music fans can’t wait to click the Play button on a new Kanye West video because he always has something new to feed the hungry eyes. That gives a clue that no one would want to see your usual form of invitation card. Spice it up with a creative theme which will still contain all the necessary details.
The most asked question when weddings are being discussed these days is “Which colours did the couple choose?” Colours represent a lot in our world. The Catholic liturgy indicates that violet represents penance, humility and melancholy, whilst green signifies hope and life eternal. You don’t have to choose a colour because it’s the new wave. There should be reason attached. It should reflect what you as the couple represent, the theme, and fit into the time of the year, etc.

Preparations would have to go into planning and budgeting for one of the most memorable days in your life. A lot!