Thursday, 21 April 2016


I tried bathing my right arm with my right hand and I couldn’t. I did it with my left arm and it was very simple.
That’s the intro to this piece. I typed this immediately after a young man who is offering his Master’s degree in Communication Studies at University of Ghana named “Sledge” gave me series of advice. I was highly motivated and was left with no choice than to put it into writing.

In this world, there has to be help from somewhere to enable one reach higher heights. God says in the Bible “as you didn’t do for your brother, you didn’t do for me”. The message I’m trying to put across here is to help the needy. Sledge gave me numerous testimonies that came as a result of his giving. I can’t share my own because frankly, I’m not a giver. But I turned into a new leaf right after, and hence, I’m going to start giving.

In our various communities and neighborhoods, we may see people who can’t make both ends meet, but we may have abundant to give to the person. Even if you don’t possess it abundantly, you should share the last slice with him/her, and God will triple it for you. I don’t think you can name so many sole givers who are struggling and poor. Can you? That alone sends a message out. Try to bring people to your level, and God will elevate you.

Don’t do it for the thanksgiving and praises from man. Just see the person you’re helping as God. If someone does something great for you, you show appreciation with a precious gift, right? As a Christian and a believer I’m quite sure you have a number of wonderful things God has done for you. What are you doing to thank Him? You may thank him through  prayer, but will you do that alone for a human being?

Let’s do some simple math here
The Needy = God
Therefore help the needy and make your thanksgiving reach perfection. I’m not saying you should do good because God has done something for you. Even at times you may be in despair, you should help the needy. Assuredly, you’ll get blessings for it.

I know there are people who will try to pull you down even though you’re helping them, that shouldn’t be your worry. Stay focused on helping him/her. You can’t quench a mansion on fire with a cup of water. The good you do is thousand times greater than the negative that they work against you. And if you help with faith and do it with your all, what they work against you won’t succeed.
Let me just end here. Fill this space in with your thoughts. Don’t forget to help the needy and pray.

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