Friday, 29 April 2016


Being a student is all fun and campus is convivial till you see your examinations time table. We’ve been writing exams all our lives yet consternation creeps up on us every semester. In the university, it’s much of a big deal because there’s nothing like a one final exam which accounts for your years in the institution. It’s a matter of building GPA. One thing about GPA is just like construction of a house, a firm and strong house involves expertise, quality materials and adequate time. On the other hand, a poorly constructed house is put together by shoddy work, hence it’s easy to break down. Every student gets busy during examinations period, First Class students try to maintain their spot, whilst the others sweat to incline. There’s a saying which goes like ‘you cannot change what you refuse to confront’. Hence there’s a necessity to forgo certain interests. Let’s look at 6 realities students experience during examination weeks.

1.   Classic Soccer Matches: So, a day before you face your toughest paper in a semester your friends trip to the TV room in jerseys chanting. The arguments don’t cease, and the brave hearts set off to betting centers to chance their luck. Apparently, you would’ve led the fans of one team by doing some historical statistics and exhibited your regular secondary coaching skills in the El Classico or probably Champions League Final, but here you are with a pen and paper trying to escape the damage caused by a resit.

2.   Groundbreaking Events: The previous years you missed this annual event you’ve been dying to see all this while. This year is even going to get better as your favourite superstar or star crush has been put on the bill. Being a stan, you can confidently mark this experience as a step to self-actualization. You’re figuring out if you can make it for the event and still grasp your academic notes, but the hours are just not enough and you can’t turn back the hands of time. Seeing the flyer of the party you’d climb mountains to be present makes you want to drop a tear knowing well that you can’t choose it over that troublesome course’s paper.

3.   Roommates’ Distraction: Your roommate has about 5 papers to write in seven days, but you’re given two weeks to finish up your 8 papers. He/she completes and can’t hide the amusement, but conversely causes discomfort because all you can do is put yourself in his/her shoes. He’s playing video games all night long. She’s chatting with her bae for God-knows-how-many hours. You’ve been getting calls from relatives constantly asking when you’re going to be done. Now you’re getting homesick but these grades won’t make themselves.

4.   Religious Activities: As the leader of your religious denominational association or the head of committee of a programme you realize you can’t make it. People start to complain why you accepted to perform these roles when you knew you can’t make time for it. However, it’s not your fault, the final time table came out and the changes had ruined your plans. The activity was built on your shoulder, you invested all your ideas, energy and time into this but sadly you have to give it all up.

5.   Great Opportunities: University is a fair ground for taking chances and making the best out of opportunities. This seminar which will take place off campus may be the total life transformation for you. Signing up for this competition which you’re aware you have a better chance of winning may interfere your success as a student. You could usher at this event and brighten your purse. In your mind’s eye you can see your guardian struggling to make ends meet. He/she is hoping you make the best of grades. Consciously, you turn down this great opportunity.

6.   Divided Attention: You’ve been chasing this girl all semester, finally she opens up and blows your brains off with a text that reads “hey, I think I may be able to come over this weekend”. Here you are contemplating on whether you allow her to come or not. Normally, you wouldn’t even go through this thought process but you know definitely there’s no time to waste because just after the weekend you have 2 brain-racking papers to write on the same day. Although you can let her come over but you may not experience a quality moment. You end up not making the best of decisions.

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