Thursday, 21 April 2016


I didn’t write this in any particular order. It just hit me like… go write about that!
Where should I even start from?..
Well, I was wondering why most Ghanaians living in Ghana are broke, but when the same people settle in developed countries, they find a way to make a lot more.
Is it because our land has been cursed against progression? Or we’re lazy and individually independent? Or do we lack ideas? Or probably, most people here are dumb?
If so then does it mean majority of poor people are dumb, and so the reason for their state of living?

It may be true anyway. A wise young man told me that one can make money in Ghana, you just have to be smart to get it in your wallet. Life is a struggle!! This is what some people don’t get. You don’t wake up in the morning hoping that you’ll earn stripes with yawning, teasing around and doing nothing productive.
One can even stay at home and get paper. I’m not giving examples. Just think of one or a couple yourself. One major problem is that the mindstate of a Ghanaian is solely dependent on the government. Even when an inhabitant sees weeds around his house, he’ll be like “won’t the government come and clear these off?”

See, there are some things we can do ourselves. But it all comes down to the fact of making “big tyme” money. We need money for that development. How do you get that money?
Here’s how! Firstly, education is the key to success. So no matter what, you must go to school. Parents, please send your child(ren) to school. Whether the person performs badly in class or not, let him or her remain there. This isn’t just good for the academics, but a lot of positive manners will be learnt.
Then when attending school, whether you’re brilliant or not you have to make the best out of it.
Actually, no one is lame. You just have to know yourself. It may take Kwaku 3 hours to learn a page of study notes. Kwame may also use 5 hours for that same page. So you have to identify yourself and work towards your weaknesses.

In school, someone will be first and one will be last. It’s the marks or points that matter. For instance, the first person in a class gets 92% and the last gets 73%. Impressive huh?
As you get along with school you’ll identify the aspect which you’re impeccable at. Focus on that part and make it your dream. Don’t forget to ask pioneers about how to succeed on your dreams, cos as Kanye West said “Some dreams stay dreams, some dreams come true”, your dreams may be shattered cos of society. You need guidance and advice from experienced stalwarts. Work hard as much as you can and hope for the best. Take all your chances! Try to make some money out of your talent. Yeah I know you need money for that push but think wisely and deeply, you’ll know how to get that money in a positive way.

Make friends with people in a balanced manner ie. Bookworms, thugs, adults, kids, thinkers, fools… (you get what I mean right?). They’ll help you on your way to success. Always stay respectful, especially to your parents and guardians. Read your Bible or Qur’an and pray with faith. Look smart and sharp. Exercise, drink good water and eat good food, and get some inspiration. Intelligence is key which will open doors for you.
Well, I think I’ll end here and continue next time, cos we have now laid down the blueprint to gather the broken African pieces. Now its left for us get to the tedious work of GATHERING!

God be with you!

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