Thursday, 23 July 2015


Welcome to the 21st century! My generation, where people can’t be without their mobile phones. Where losing their newly bought phone, probably the latest model is equivalent to taking half of their soul. Then, people had the right ability to catch feelings. Now, young men and women only have the skill to catch a falling iPhone, or possibly a Samsung Galaxy. The sudden drop of a phone causes rise of nerve impulse signaling than an earthquake would do. And when the victim is lucky enough to lift it without cracks or breakages, he or she raises it like a trophy, signifying victory.

Sometimes our grandparents and mothers ask, “what is in this phone that makes it a life support?”. We are quick to reply how they have no idea about the intriguing apps, its ability to keep a huge number of files, and so on. In our homeland, the most used app is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Get a Nokia X2 for as low as 80 cedis and you’re good to go. From the pastor down to the fetish priest, everyone uses WhatsApp.

Taking advantage of its popularity and wide usage, our ladies have decided to broadcast their feelings through the WhatsApp platform. Once a relationship shakes up a little, the best avenue to get the latest update of the partner’s emotional thoughts is his/her WhatsApp status. I’ve been a victim of it, so I know exactly how it feels. In the process of writing this, my roommate had to interrupt to complain of his own.

Come to think of it, I end up with a lot of blank conclusions and unanswered questions­— ‘Are they afraid of their boyfriends so much that they can’t voice it out in their faces?’ or ‘Do they want the world to know what’s going on in their lives?’ or ‘Do they find some fun in it?’. But what if as a boyfriend I don’t see it, or I’m not able to recognize it’s addressed to me? It gets worse when she relates the status with a marching display picture(dp). At times it gets out of hand, resulting in confrontation and insults. Gone are the days relationship issues were solved at home peacefully. Now, it’s a battle between the partners­— yes, a battle because some guys reply by also changing their status, especially when insecurity creeps up on them.

The big question is, is it right? Should we continue with it? Personally, I think a stop must be put to it. Showing maturity in a relationship isn’t about the size of teddy bear you can buy during Valentine’s day, or how you’re able to abstain from sex, rather the approach you use in solving a problem no matter how impossible it may seem. You still want people to know of your relationship status? Go ahead! That’s what some people are praying for anyway. You want to save your relationship? Then quit playing around with pictures and text displays to all contacts. Think!

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