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After the greatest anticipation of a single in Ghana’s music scene so far in 2015, “New Guy” drops on Wednesday, June 10 via Deezer (A music streaming app developed by Tigo Music), exclusively. This song was preluded by a saga between Ace Hood & Sarkodie, as to who paid or initially contacted the other for a feature. That actually built the hype weeks before the release of the song. Now, let’s get deeper into the music.

The theme of the song is so refreshing and dope! It’s not easy to come out with such a concept these days as all we listen to lately are repetitive messages. Basically, the theme depicts Africa (and possibly the world at large) having no true & leadership, and no proper role models to emulate, hence the youth(including Sarkodie) out of consciousness walk their dreams to strive, working zealously to make life worth living. In the process of doing that, he inspires other people who are crippled with fear and hopelessness. Doing all this, he has become the new revolution, the new motivation, the NEW GUY.

It’s obvious most people were expecting a “groovy” Hip Hop track or a Club Hip Hop jam, but nah, Sarkodie boldy takes the risk this time. Giving the Ghanaian masses a strict “headnod” Hip Hop song like this may easily become a commercial flop, probably because most people can’t vibe to it. I was actually expectant of a catchy hook, but again the “Original” hitmaker astonishes us with an English adlib hook. The invigorating beat produced by Grammy nominated producer CedSolo (of Ivy League Hits) is a befitting instrumental for the concept. I salute Obidi for raising the bar so high. This may bring an end to mediocrity in GH Hip Hop/Hip Life.

Digesting the track, Sarkodie’s 1st verse was nothing but flames! His delivery was so extreme that during my first listen, his switch of flow made me doubt Ace Hood could come out harder. Although, he went a bit off-concept about 8 bars into the verse. But hey, that’s still one of the hottest rap verses. Ace Hood well-known to inspire with his struggle stories and his claim to fame killed his verse as well. His energy and delivery wasn’t up to expectancy though, he’s the perfect person for such a collaboration. The short 3rd verse had the rappers welcoming each other to their nations. It also contains the wittiest part of the song, with Ace saying “Sark, medaase”.. dude really learnt a lot from Sark..LOL.

A day before the song dropped, Davido released his collaboration with Meek Mill, “Fans Mi”. As expected, people started comparing the 2, rating “Fans Mi” over “New Guy”, and that’s unnecessary in my opinion. People need to understand that the former is a club Hip Hop song with no profound concept, as compared to the latter which is a rap song aimed at sending a message out to the youth. They’re all good songs, and each is an outstanding tune in the various classes of the genre Hip Hop. Don’t be too quick to judge a song, allow it to grow on you. If it’s truly good music, you’ll surely like it.

I acknowledge Sarkodie for giving us some soul food and “eargasms”.. LOL. I rate this song 4.2/5. Yes, NEW GUY is a CLASSIC!!

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