Friday, 9 March 2018


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There are a lot of songs… songs which fit the Shuffle playlist, and songs which stand the test of time. It is evident that Offei’s “Let It Go” has imprints on immortality spreading all over it. The anticipation that laid the carpet for this release isn’t a wasteful chant. When GroundUp dropped the live session of this magical piece, the cyber streets went wild, begging to quench their musical thirst. No surprise #LetItGo trended for 2 days straight and landed publications in Graphic Showbiz and Ghana Today.

Offei, the final year Medical Laboratory Sciences student tells the story of many. Inspired by a true story of his own, Offei emotionally sings about a situation whereby a guy opens up his heart in the depths of love, but the lady turns blind to it. Entangled in the love web, he tries to stick around in the hope of what the future holds, but the lady leaves him in wait of rain in the middle of a desert. He finally decides to let go with an imperfect smile.
Kofi Genfi, a US-based poet breathes more life into the music with his Spoken Word verse. The instrumental, rich of acoustic guitar, piano fills and everything in between, to bring out the human characteristic of the listener was produced by Qwesi King. “Great song by all standards” is a cliché.

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