Friday, 9 March 2018


Fast-rising rap act who hails from the garden city of Kumasi, Blurr, has been in the news for recently for signing a 3-year deal with a label called Illeventy7 Music Label. Related to that, a lot of conspiracies have been raised by people, both fans and industry insiders, that Illeventy7 is an epitome of what Illuminati (a secret cult group as known by many) represents.

The issues that are being raised by concerned persons actually hold water, thus, pertaining to the logo of the label which is a combination of symbols. Taking a close look at the logo designed by creative artist B. N. Afranie AKA ItzMeOclock, it has a pyramid in it. Conspiracies indicate that the pyramid represents the command structure of the Illuminati organization, with the capstone symbolizing the Elite.

There’s an alien head in the concentric layers… and aliens are known to be associated with the Illuminati. A staff pierces through the back of the symbols, and it’s being linked to the leadership of the secret society. Others say there are a lot of dark messages embedded in the artwork, which will need explanations from Blurr, the designer, or anyone involved.

Regardless, it is boldly stated in the Holy Bible, in Matthew 7:16 that “By their fruits, ye shall know them”. As my old man would say, since we’re yet to hear the kind of music they’re about to churn, let’s give them that space, then one can rightly know where they’re coming from and their agenda.

As at now, neither Blurr nor his management has given any response to these conspiracies. However, Blurr is set to drop his first song titled “Bumper” under the label on …. Let’s keep our ears on the streets for the debut single.

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